Friday, March 20, 2015

Wild India: Wandering with Camels

Rann of Kutch: Wandering with Camels

Sharing a short video of from my explorations in Rann of Kutch. Technically this short video is not of wildlife, as I have focused on Camels. I shot this while taking break from the intense midday heat of the december sun. Yes, it was december and Kutch like any other desert landscape is very hot during day tiime. 

These camels can drink about 70-100 litres of water at one go. This helps regulate their body temperature. The maldharis who manage these camel herds are poor folks. They drink the milk and tea. They hardly have anything else to eat. The camel milk is to be drunk fresh. 

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You can also click this link to watch the video:

This was shot with a Canon Cinema C300 camera at 1080p. More of this series will be posted later. 


  1. Milking the camel is new. I've never seen that before. Good to see you back in action.

    1. Hi Saru,
      Thanks. I will be again traveling early next month.

      Initially I was not keen to drink it, as we are not used to drinking raw milk. However, Camel milk has to be drunk raw immediately after milking. After drinking the camel milk for a week, I think my system became better. Not sure about scientific reasons, but I believe that it is good for acidity.