Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On the Brink: Bee-eaters of Naguvanahalli

On the Brink: Bee-eaters of Naguvanahalli

We often hear the sounds of these tiny, bright coloured birds and if we are fortunate see them holding a bee in their beaks. These are global citizens and their needs take them far and wide.

During the breeding season starting with April, these blue-tailed bee-eaters visit parts of India and find out suitable habitat on river banks. Unlike many other birds, these bee-eaters are ground nesting birds. The chick is fed with bees regularly till it is able to hunt on its own. Every year they return during the breeding season. This has been continuing for eons. Unfortunately they don't know that our concept of development means taking over all those river fronts and "developing" or concretising those.

This film was done in a small sleepy village called Naguvanahalli near Srirangapatna, mysore.

Sharing a short film, all of 3 mins keeping in mind the busy schedules of our viewers. You may click on this link to view "On the Brink: Bee-eaters of Naguvanahalli" https://youtu.be/tqocpyGA3GA