Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wild India: Jungle Cat

The Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) like all other cats appear cute on first sight. The jungle cat is difficult to sight in the wild, however they are not threatened. They can often be seen looking for prey during the day time.

They are not only found in the forest, but also can be found in swamps and other wetlands and can also be seen near human habitations if there is a wetland nearby. They do inbreed with domestic cats. Barrings on the flanks, pointed ears, tuft of hair on the ear tip, black bands on the tail tip are some of the identifying marks.

Unfortunately, due to reclaiming of wetlands for real estate purposes, the jungle cat is increasingly losing its habitat and is getting wiped out. According to IUCN redlist their population trend is decreasing.

This footage was shot in 1080 at 24p. 


  1. Amit and Indrani,
    Thanks for your comments. That day I didn't sight a tiger. But this jungle cat sighting made my day.