Saturday, August 4, 2012


Wild India under threat: Illegal fishing in Wild India

After a break posting again. Today I will share a short film that I did to highlight the plight of a crocodile caught in fishing net in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary in Cauvery river.

Illegal fishing is impacting our rivers a lot. People use dynamite to kill fishes. Use of dynamite results in sudden drop of the oxygen level and immediately the fishes die. The big fishes gasp for breath and float on the surface. People then catch them.

Fishermen also fish illegally in areas where fishing is not allowed. Normally fishing is not allowed in the sanctuaries and in reserved forest areas. However fishermen illegally move in, at times in connivance with the forest officials and fish. They often discard their old nets in the waters. They don't realise the impact of such actions. I invite you all to watch this short film "Entangled"where an adult marsh crocodile or mugger is caught in a fishing net. I am sharing the HD version.

Illegal fishing in Wild India needs to be stopped.