Thursday, March 5, 2015

Changeable Hawk Eagle on Kill

Changeable Hawk Eagle on Kill

Sharing a short video of a Changeable Hawk eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus) eagle with its kill. I was in Kabini ie. Nagarhole National Park in India and was in search of leopards. This Changeable hawk eagle was perched on a tree infront of us and then suddenly it dived to the ground. Thinking that it would have caught some prey, we moved ahead and the eagle landed on a nearby tree with the rodent kill.

The Changeable hawk eagle then proceeded to strip the fur of its prey and after eating cleaned its beak by rubbing it on the tree. It defecated and then flew off.

Without these birds of prey the rodent population would have exploded. We should have enough trees so that these birds can perch and then hunt the rats.

This was shot with a Canon Cinema C300 camera in 1080p at25 fps. 


  1. I get a little squeamish but what a capture!

    1. Thanks Mridula! If these eagles don't catch and eat the rats, then their population will explode. All our foodgrains will be destroyed. Nature has this nice balance mechanism.

  2. Flawless video of the eagle feasting on its prey. I loved that short burst of koel cooing.

  3. Thanks Umashankar! I am happy that you liked it.