Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preview of "Leopards: The Last Stand"

Leopards: The Last Stand

The making of "Leopards: The Last Stand" looks at the leopards living outside protected areas in close proximity to human habitations. In some areas, people are tolerant of the leopards as they have seen them since their childhood days. In other areas, people are intolerant and kill the leopards whenever they sight them.

This 8 min preview has been shot with a Canon Cinema EOS C300 camera and also examines the impact of this camera in my getting those shots.

I hope we can save our magnificent leopards.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Scavengers is a short film to examine and document the scavengers in action and understand the impact. In this close to 4 minute short film you will see wild boars eating carcass followed by feral dogs and only then jackals get a chance. You will also see rare scenes of porcupine scavenging in garbage...

Our feral dog population has increased and they are impacting our wildlife by outcompeting them. In the film you can clearly see it. Most of us are concerned when we see a street dog, however, if we feed them then they become stronger and out compete the wildlife.