Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Love in the Wild

We often feel that it is only humans who are capable of loving others. We have coined terms like love, compassion, caring, affection etc. However, the amount of violence we unleash at each other is unthinkable. A mother beats her kid for not listening to her or for not coming first in class etc etc. Whereas, in the wild, an animal shows infinitely more patience in teaching her offspring.

With daily dose of violence, rape and murder dominating our newspaper headlines everyday, I thought of creating a short depicting the unalloyed love and affection displayed by our wild animals. May be we can learn from them?


  1. I feel - in the process of being civilized we have lost our natural instincts of love and care. We are in a race and that leads to such violent behavior.

    Lovely video - soothing and calm. Must have taken a lot of editing to compile all these beautiful moments together.

  2. Thanks Saru! These shots were filmed in various jungles so it took time to shoot. I did it because the love between a mother and a child is something unique and pure. Watching it was like being blessed. I only hope may be watching such moments will make people more humane.